Granta Cambridge Summer School

Experience student life at a University of Cambridge College. Join us for an exclusive one or two week intensive residential course taught by Cambridge trained academics. Applications are now open for July 2025.

What is the Granta Cambridge Summer School?

Our summer school is aimed at 16-18 year olds who are thinking of applying to the University of Cambridge or a similar university, or who have successfully applied and will be starting their course soon.

Learn what it is like to study in one of the world's top universities, learn from academics who teach in the university, and experience life like a student in the amazing city of Cambridge. You will live in student accommodation and dine in one of Cambridge's oldest colleges.

Choose to come for a one-week intensive course or a longer two-week programme. Either choice will give you the experience and confidence to understand what it is like to be a student in Cambridge.

Why Choose Granta?

All of our teachers are Cambridge trained academics at the forefront of current research, giving you the insider view of how your subject works

The Granta Academy wants to share the experience of student life in Cambridge and help both international and UK students to improve their study skills.

Perfectly placed within historic Cambridge, all courses and accommodation are held at a University of Cambridge college, and courses are taught by Cambridge trained academics.

We are driven by the shared belief that Cambridge is an extraordinary place. Our aim is to produce a stimulating & rigorous atmosphere, giving our students the best possible insight into undergraduate life. We can promise exceptional teachers, expert guidance and genuine support, with lasting memories of two weeks of summer, spent in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Cambridge Style tutorials

Group sizes of no more than eight students to one teacher ensure that you have the opportunity to ask questions, speak your mind and find your voice


Students will visit laboratories and other locations within the university depending on the subjects in which they are interested.

Independent Projects

All of our courses are specially designed by Cambridge trained academics to be accessible but challenging introductions to studying a subject at undergraduate level. Students are encouraged to think beyond what they have learned at school, absorbing new and stimulating information while developing their own ideas and approaches

Guest speakers

Guest speakers are invited to talk to students about their subject and their experience within the university. Students can use this opportunity to learn from academics at the forefront of research.

What You’ll Learn

Courses are specifically designed to provide an immersive introduction to your field, building on the basics to help you understand the bigger picture


Since Sir Isaac Newton was Lucasian professor at Cambridge, the university has been synonymous with the study of mathematics. This course offers an introduction to the fundamentals of higher mathematics, providing a backdrop to its concepts, theories and applications. Through the exploration of topics such as algebraic systems, calculus, probability and special relativity, you will learn how to think “mathematically”, gaining experience in constructing rigorous proof and communicating mathematical arguments with concision and clarity.


Our English Literature course exposes students to a range of texts dating from a variety of periods. Students will read prose, poetry and drama; selected texts include a Shakespeare play, a novel and an anthology of poems. Class time is dedicated to the deeper understanding and unpacking of assigned texts, as well as a study of the history and cultural theories of English Literature. Students will learn how to read critically as well as develop their essay writing skills. Our instructor also has experience in the world of creative writing, having studied under Joyce Carol Oates and Jeffrey Eugenides; if students are keen, they will have the option to develop and workshop creative pieces for the independent project.


This course is designed for those who want to approach Economics with the lens of Macroeconomics and Development Studies. The syllabus is aimed at students with limited or no previous exposure to economics, intending to provide them with a basic understanding of key concepts, and their application in a modern, global environment. Each lecture will seek to introduce a set of key economic concepts, and then to illuminate them by employing them in the context of contemporary debate. Unlike most introductory economics courses, which focus heavily on the technical aspects of economic models, this module seeks to focus much more heavily on the core intuition of economic analysis and on learning to understand its application in real-world contexts.


This course will introduce students to the genetic principles underlying biology, and their applications in the realm of biotechnology. Students will learn to read genetic structures, identify mutations, and consider inheritance patterns. Though inheritance certainly comprises concepts related to population biology and ecology, this class will focus rather on the molecular aspect of genetics. Inheritance will be considered in context of disease, and population trends will be discussed briefly, but we will be most interested in understanding how DNA is mutated in nature and manipulated artificially. This will lead to an in-depth exploration of how scientists and researchers are using biological principles to manipulate genetic material for medical, agricultural, and industrial applications. Students will come away not only with an understanding of how various biotechnology techniques are carried out and applied, but also with a deep consideration of the ethics surrounding some of these procedures, particularly within the realm of medicine.

Where You'll stay

Your home for the duration of the course is a University of Cambridge college.

- Onsite college dining room
- 24/7 pastoral care
- Private Single Rooms
- 10-minute walk to the city centre
- Cafés and restaurants nearby

Our Head of Pastoral Care and our residential staff will be based onsite at all times to ensure your safety and comfort. In addition, college porters man the site 24 hours a day

Course options

Two weeks

Cambridge Summer School 2024

  • Two week intensive residential course at a University of Cambridge college
  • Small group lessons delivered by Cambridge Academics
  • Accommodation & meals included
  • Social activities




It was a great time for me. I learned a lot about English literature and improved my study skills. From beautiful architecture and exhibitions to large collections of books in the university libraries, it was a programme that made you feel like a real Cambridge student. We experienced the best on offer. Students from all over the world should attend The Granta Academy!

Arthur, Brazil

I'm sad that the time flew by so fast! Everything was awesome. The people were kind and friendly, both the staff and the students. I'm going to miss everyone so badly!

Stefania, Romania

To students thinking of applying to The Granta Academy, I would say please do it! It's a unique and really helpful experience. It helped me a lot in getting a clearer idea of what and where I want to study, and it also gave me the opportunity to meet people from other countries and places

Anda, Romania

I really appreciated the help from staff - they always took care of me. I enjoyed feeling like part of the group - and all those different activities! The ratio of academic lessons to leisure time is amazing!

Deimante, Lithuania

Summer School Applications are now open. 

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